Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cool Running

I'm still running, even though the weather has gotten cooler. Last week I gouged or cut my right foot right in the center of the ball of the foot, maybe on some glass. I didn't think much of it, waited a couple of days for it to feel better, and went back out again. Darn if it didn't break open and bleed exactly at the same spot! I wonder if a little piece of glass wasn't embedded. So I waited a couple more days, went out, and -- no problem! Except I was letting my left big toe scrape a little and it got a little raw. Must be from the colder surface possibly numbing my foot a little - maybe from still trying to "push off" too much.

Little things, nothing to worry about, I still love running barefoot and will keep on!

I have run from 6 to 10 -12 miles each run, approximately 3 days a week. My last run was only about 5 miles, because of the left big toe getting kind of raw and sore. So now I'm letting it heal.

I'm getting a lot of incredulous looks from people as I run in the colder and wetter weather. Its g
ood to give them a new education - puncture their paradigms! :)

Its been said by hunters that to warm your head, hike uphill, and to warm your feet, hike downhill. I always wondered if there was any truth to that!

This week our temperatures got a lot cooler, and I was out running in about 43-45F (6-7C) degree weather. This isn't all that cold by itself, except I didn't have much to put on in the way of clothing, so I was underdressed, plus I still perspire when I exercise, so I got wet and cold after running a few miles.

As I was running uphill in Portland, I noticed that my feet felt quite cold, but the rest of me was fine. Then when I ran downhill, I noticed my feet were no longer cold at all, but felt quite warm, while my head and upper body felt chilled. Then I finished by running another couple of miles on flat sidewalks and noticed that my feet were getting cold again.



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