Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Running

It's become obvious to me that most of my posts are about barefoot running. I gues that's because its the "new thing" with me, plus I'm working hard to improve my running ability. Since its the middle of winter, I'm not doing much gardening. I still work in the temple every Tuesday evening, and that is still the highlight of my week's experiences. But it starts to sound redundant to keep saying "I had a wonderful time in the temple last night." There's not much more I can say about it than that! I guess I could mention that I helped do some temple work for a man whose first name was "Batman"! Now I'm waiting for "Superman" to come along!

Yesterday, Monday, I ran 12 miles around Portland, Oregon. I ran 6 miles on some smooth sidewalks along the waterfront, then I headed uphill from there through the city and back down the other side. This gives my feet a workout on rougher surfaces, which forces me to improve my techniques. When I got back down to the waterfront I ran another 3 miles. It was pretty cool out, about 38 degrees, so I wore gloves this time which helped keep me warmer overall. Surprisingly, my feet are not very cold when I run.

I believe that bare feet help set the body's thermostat. I do not need to turn my house heat up much more than 60 degrees, my body seems to have reset its warmth level so I am very comfortable where others seem to feel chilled.

Faith is only a word until it is challenged.


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