Thursday, January 05, 2006

Born-Again Bigotry

It has apparantly become chic to practice bigotry against Christianity.

Too often the general public condones or even applaudes outright "faith-ism" against Christians by a vocal few who want to make a name for themselves. Somehow it is not okay to ridicule minority groups, but it is okay to ridicule majority groups. If a little bit of bigotry is unacceptable - how is a whole lot of it okay?

It used to be that the occasional anti-religious primadonna was viewed generally with a roll of the eyes and a shrug of the shoulders, with some reference to practicing free speech. Now such views are being generally accepted. Consider the public uproar over whether to call a decorated tree a "Christmas" or a "holiday" tree; the pledge of allegiance; what greeting stores should use to their customers in the period just before December 25th. These may all seem rather trivial in and of themselves, but they are indicators of a current trend that seems to be growing.

Now, NBC has scheduled to run a weekly show called The Book of Daniel which appears to be yet another bigoted attack against the religion of Christians. There is a movement afoot to call and protest to the local NBC affiliates and to the sponsors of this show.

I support this counter-protest. Imagine the public uproar if they were to try to run a weekly show making fun of or slamming niggers or fags! We would not tolerate it. Yet here is a show that is a direct slam against religious people and practices. We should not tolerate it, either.

Faith. Power to the People.

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