Friday, March 17, 2006


I read someone's blog which said:

America has launched a new air attack on Iraq.
This means more unneccesary casualties in what is an unneccesary war in the first place.

I responded as follows:

No, actually, Iraqis, with American support, have launched an air and ground attack against foreign criminal terrorists whose sole purpose is to prevent the Iraqi people from having a choice in their lives and in their government. These terrorists are lurking in back streets and underground holes, and are just as willing to kill Iraqis as they are Americans. If America abandons this moral and just cause, those criminals will only kill a whole lot more Iraqis and destroy all civilization there.

Its attitudes like yours that permit totalitarian monsters to feed off the blood, death, and terror of their victims, unchecked.

If you don't see the error of your views, then prepare to start having to pray to Allah ("the merciful") five times a day whether you want to or not -- or watch your wife be gang raped and your children be tortured before your eyes just before the monsters cut off your head!