Thursday, October 19, 2006

Evolution Made

The Bumblebee once ran so swift and so sure,
and ever so quietly on her bare little feet,
Then said an old otter with wizened fur,
“You can’t run barefoot; an impossible feat!”

The otter extrapolated, interpolated and said:
“Its against science! And its against reason!
“It violates nature and – Oh Dread,”
“You might be committing Faunistic treason!”

The Bumblebee, thinking, became dejected,
Bereft of solutions as to what she should do,
For to ambulate was now scorned and rejected,
So without another thought, she just up and flew!

“You dare to mock us with your sleight and your cunning?”
The scientists scurried and clamored to say,
“Impossible! Preposterous! Go back to your running!”
But the joyous Bumblebee smilingly flew away.

After she thought she couldn’t, she didn’t,
But before thinking she couldn’t, she did!
So, grateful to the Nayers who said she couldn’t,
She found her true talent no longer hid.

Its not in the saying that we do what we can
But its by doing, that we say what we’ve done,
To ponder may squelch it before it began,
But by already doing it, we’ve already won!

10/19/06 by Ryan

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