Friday, October 20, 2006

Glass Field!

I went on an easy 4 mile run today over unchartered territory. I mapped my intended run on the computer first, then went out and executed it.

It was quite a bit rougher than I expected. Lots of gravel alley-ways cutting across the sidewalks I was running on. I could have just run in the street, but the sidewalks were a little bit smoother.

I ran past a home daycare and a lady was in the yard with about 8 little girls playing. One of them saw me running and yelled, "Hey, look!" All of the girls stopped what they were doing and stood watching me run past. I was waiting for some comment, but they were all fairly somber and just stared. Hmmm, I don't know what to make of that.

I wound up running next to Clark College in Vancouver, WA. On the sidewalk was a fairly large area of broken glass -- probably about 4-5 meters long with glass bits scattered fairly evenly throughout. I could have run around it by going out into the street, but at that point cars come around a bend going fairly fast and it was too risky. I'll take glass over cars any day.

I thought about turning back and crossing over the busy street to the other side, but then that little voice in my head suggested, "Maybe someone saw you coming and put that glass there just to test you. If you turn around you'll let yourself and them down!" So I just aimed for a course through the glass field that avoided the largest shards, keeping mainly to the smaller flakes and specks, and I *really* focused on non-abrasive foot placement!

When I came out the other side I stopped and looked for any damage or remaining pieces and found nothing at all. I swished my feet through some grass just to make sure and was on my way. I felt like I passed "the test," whatever it was.

It was a slow run, but nice to get out and see new neighborhoods.


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