Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reporting In

Yesterday I went on an easy 6 mile run. Form started slipping at the end, but overall a good run.

I decided I needed to start running more frequently. Better if I could run nearly every day. So today I went out on a run so I could go two days in a row. I didn't know how far I would feel comfortable going.

I started off feeling a little tender, so I was taking it slowly. Continued tender for the first two miles, but not too bad, so I ventured up towards the OHSU hospital again. Between miles 2 and 3 are some rougher sidewalks so I got to practice my careful foot placements. I went past Portland University. Got a lot of stares from the young brains there. One blond preppy looking girl gave me a look like, "Ewwww! For gross!" I was wearing my "It Takes Balls" t-shirt. Maybe she was offended by that. Or maybe she just smelled me. Who knows?

After mile 3 my feet were not feeling as tender any more. Something about the rough surfaces making the concept of tenderness a relative issue. Or something like that. So I kept on going up towards the hospital. I thought I would take a shortcut and save myself some distance. I ended up going up this steep, rocky trail. So awfully rough! I thought for sure that would shorten the length of my run. But once I was back on asphalt again I adapted and continued.

I got onto the sidewalk with the curbs that I ran on last time, only this time I stayed on the sidewalk and continued practicing my careful foot placement. I passed this lady running with her dog. She exclaimed, "No shoes??" I answered, "Nope, not needed!"

I turned and ran up by the Veterans Hospital, got myself kind of stuck in a back parking lot. The map said there was a road through there. I couldn't find a trail to get across this steep ravine to the OHSU hospital area, so I opted to enter one of the buildings and climb the stairs up to a long sky-way. I mean, its a long sucker! Slick, polished tile floor, windows on both sides. Very nice! It was full of people coming and going, patients with oxygen tanks, doctors, nurses, etc., (plus this sweaty old barefooted guy with a rude t-shirt.) They probably thought I was a psych patient. I expected to get rushed by security guards at any moment so I was looking to make a quick exit. I wonder if I left foot prints on their nice polished floor?

I took an elevator down to a parking garage. I've never seen so much glass on any of my runs as there was inside this garage. It was everywhere. I pity the doctor's car windows that must be getting smashed in all the time. I finally found my way down to street level and ran down the hill to re-trace my steps back to the Point of Beginning. I kept on wondering when my feet would get hyper-sensitive. They never did. I think its because I really focused on keeping my form true the whole run. That, plus I didn't walk very much. Walking hurts my feet. My hip muscles were getting tight the last mile or so. I never knew I had muscles in my hips! I passed a guy doing some squatting, stretching exercises. They looked like they might be good for me to try.

My miles today: 8.7!

It will be interesting to see if I am up to running tomorrow as well.

Happily tired,


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