Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

I sent Nancy Pelosi the following letter by email:

I just learned about the anti-Bush protesters who sprayed graffiti on the US Capitol steps. The Capitol police were ordered to stand back and allow the anarchists to commit criminal acts in their presence. Since the Capitol police act under your direction, how can you justify giving such an order?

In your new precedent-setting position you are under the strictest public scrutiny. Protesters can certainly voice their opposition to our President but criminals are NOT allowed to deface our nation's capitol building! Allowing criminals to run rampant and intentionally do nothing to stop them when it was in your power to act is tantamount to being in complicity with them. Do you really want your name and office associated with a criminal conspiracy?

This looks very bad for you. Shame on you for preventing the Capitol police from doing their job! They were there and ready to act but their hands were tied by orders from your office. Shame on you for putting your petty political bias before the integrity and respect of the institution of our United States! Shame on you for allowing yourself to be seen as a vacillating woman reluctant to exercise the power she holds to defend the honor of our Nation! I am frankly very surprised that you would so easily allow your name to be tainted by consenting to such a stupid act of violence.

I hope you buck up and improve the position of your office before the nation regrets your abuse of your new position of power.

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