Friday, February 16, 2007

Still Learning

Running barefoot has been such a challenge to me! But a very enjoyable and rewarding one.

I've been thinking about why my feet still suffer from abrasions while running. Something in my form is still not right. I've narrowed it down to two things: 1) I'm still trying to place my feet too far in front of my body; 2) I am allowing my trailing foot to remain on the ground too long.

I just checked out Nicholas Romanov's POSE running site and learned that he recommends a quick lift of the trailing foot, getting it off the ground immediately! I have definitely been letting mine trail behind me too much, probably causing a "pulling-forward" scuff. I have also felt that I allow my legs to go too straight, probably connected with leaving my feet against the ground too long. If I keep my knee bent and pull my foot upwards immediately after each step, I should (hopefully) be able to eliminate the abrasions I have been suffering.

My heel pads and the pads over the outside edge of my feet have built up very nicely and are quite strong. But I cannot seem to develop similar pads over the balls of my feet because of the abrasion problems. I hope by employing faster foot lifting to reduce abrasions and then build up more padding on the balls of my feet.

Happily running


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still Running

I am still running, although at reduced distances than in the past. I've been letting my left toe heal up. I ran 29.5 miles total a couple of weeks ago, then I only ran 19.5 miles last week. Last week my second run was 13 miles, a new PR for distance!! I felt very achy throughout much of the run, probably because it was pretty cold and windy out and I did not wear long pants. I'm sure my form was not up to par which probably contributed.

This week I have gone out two times, but only 4 miles each run. I'm thinking about doing a longer run today, 12 miles maybe? Its cool out, kind of rainy (drizzly is a better term) and some winds, so I'll have to gauge my running accordingly.

Happy trails!

Astronaut Antics

This news report about Lisa Marie Nowak has got me thinking. What a great opportunity for Depends! They ought to fund her defense team. I can see a whole course of new ads appearing on TV.

A desperate, haggard looking lady is driving down a lonely highway late at night, piles of fast food wrappers and pop bottles strewn about her car. Scene changes, she is still driving, piles of wrappers and bottles getting larger as time passes. Mile post signs whizzing by: 350 miles, 495 miles, 631 miles, 849 miles. As she passes mile post 900, a voice-over announces: "Depends! They keep on working when you got to keep going!"

Just a thought.