Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still Running

I am still running, although at reduced distances than in the past. I've been letting my left toe heal up. I ran 29.5 miles total a couple of weeks ago, then I only ran 19.5 miles last week. Last week my second run was 13 miles, a new PR for distance!! I felt very achy throughout much of the run, probably because it was pretty cold and windy out and I did not wear long pants. I'm sure my form was not up to par which probably contributed.

This week I have gone out two times, but only 4 miles each run. I'm thinking about doing a longer run today, 12 miles maybe? Its cool out, kind of rainy (drizzly is a better term) and some winds, so I'll have to gauge my running accordingly.

Happy trails!


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Greg said...

Hi Ryan:

I have been inspired by you and others who have converted to barefoot running. After so many years of problems with my feet, etc, I am now problem free because of barefoot running. That, and the side benefit of more SPEED!

You know that the rule is 1% speed increase for each 1 oz decrease in shoe weight. I've proven that it is true. My long training runs that used to be 7 min/mile pace are not 7:30 min/mile which feels far easier because there is no leg fatigue or pain that I feel when I am wearing shoes. Go figure - we were born with feet designed to run with!!!

Anyhow, I am having some problems with pain in the bottom of my feet. In fact, they are very swollen today after a 2 hour run yesterday and sore to walk on. They were so sore at the end of my 2 hour track run that I probably could not have gone any farther.

I only started barefoot training a few months ago, so maybe I need to ease into it more. Do you have any suggestions for me? Is it common to have tenderness issues with the foot bottom? I run with kayak slippers, not completely barefoot. Most gym don't allow bare feet. I like the kayak slippers - they only weigh 3.5 oz and I can run on snow and ice when them, no problems.

I have also switched to using these kayak slipper on my triathlon bike with Pyro platform pedals. It is my goal to do Ironman Arizona with the kayak slippers and SKIP transition 2 - I'll just get off the bike and start running. It is my goal this year to win my age group, so transition time savings mean a lot to me, as does the newly found speed increase due to the light weight kayak slippers.

Any advice?

Greg K
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