Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Diet Experiments

We got a book called The PH Miracle which talks about how diet can control your body's PH levels for optimal health. One of the things they talked about was eating a green salad for breakfast!
I thought that sounded really weird and not very appetizing so I didn't think much of it.

Then I read an account about a guy who went and lived with the Tuaharamara Indians in Mexico to see how they can go on long (150) mile footraces and not even seem tired. They broke all the rules of health. The night before the race, they smoke, drank booze, stayed up all night partying, and at the crack of dawn took off running and didn't stop until the following morning. Sometimes their races can go on for a couple of days. What was the secret to their amazing endurance? One of the things was what they ate for breakfast. This caught my attention. They ate a green salad each morning! They also chewed on corn soaked in water, kind of like an all-day munchie food.

So that clinched it for me. Last Friday morning, I helped myself to a large green salad for breakfast - nothing else. I thought I would be starving by 10:00. I went the whole day on just that salad and I felt absolutely fine. I skipped lunch because I went on a 10 mile run instead. I have had nothing but salads for breakfast every day since, and every day I have felt just fine. Well, today I am feeling a little hungy. Its 3:00 p.m., no lunch yet, and I just got back from a 9 mile run. I think some fruit would be nice, so I'll go get something soon.

I am going to continue with this salad for breakfast thing for a time and see how it goes. So far I am very much impressed with it!

Grazing for breakfast...


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