Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Thinking Green

I just don't buy into the whole global warming political theory. There's no doubt that global warming is occurring; it has cycled up and down for as long as the earth has stood. My contention is that we just don't know enough about the earth's global climate to conclusively say that MANKIND is contributing to any global warming! There are tens of thousands of reputable scientists who also don't agree with the current pet theory and warning that "the earth is warming so we must DO something about it!" In fact many of the scientists who were brow-beat into signing onto the Kyoto Protocol have recanted their support of it and many have since been shunned by the politically correct body of "correct thinking" scientists.

I know the argument sounds good, that says, "But WHAT IF we could have done something about it and didn't try?" I believe the forces at work in shaping the earth's global climate are not only massive beyond our calculations, but are self-correcting. I do not believe that man-made pollution HAS any effective impact on global climate, and I also don't believe mankind COULD make any effective impact no matter how hard we may try. Not only does the global climate correct any imbalance of pollutants, no matter what their source, but it will also 'correct' any relatively puny attempts by mankind to try to steer the climate in any direction. Even our successful efforts will be short-lived and will be absorbed or adjusted according to nature's own rhythms and cycles.

Remember in the 80's when global cooling was the great fear and a global ice-age was the dire prediction? Well, nature compensated! Now the earth is warming (again) and I fully believe the earth will compensate on its own very nicely. This isn't the first time the earth has warmed up. Finland (Vinland) was once known for growing grapes and producing wines (hence 'Wine-land'), which meant it had much the same climate as present day France or even Italy! Then things cooled off a bunch, and not due to man's influence.

I live about 40 miles from an active volcano, Mt. St. Helens. When it first erupted back in the 80's, it spewed out hundreds and even thousands more tons of "pollutants" that are high on the environmental bad list, than all of mankind has or could put out for all of human history. Since its first modern eruption, it has continued to pump out even more "pollutants" every day in one long, slow-burn eruption that has lasted about 20 years. And it is just one volcano. There have been and now are many active volcanoes that daily put out far more "pollutants" than we could ever imagine putting out even if we tried to with all our effort. Nature simply rolls with the additional input, corrects for it, and rebalances itself.

My greater fear than that of a future global desert caused by mankind, is the presently very active political fear-mongering going on and the call to tax, limit, modify, and shape our lifestyles and activities in the name of protecting the environment, when (I believe) nothing we may try to do will really have any noticeable effect on the global environment at all.

So, years down the road when billions and trillions of Euros, dollars, yen, pesos, or what have you, have been senselessly wasted or extorted for private gain by those who stand in the money stream, and realizing that nothing we may have done has changed anything about the climate, will those concerned give-in and admit they were powerless to change the climate? NO!! They will cry louder and predict more dire results, and demand that we do even more to try to change the climate.

I firmly believe that there are those pushing the "green" movement and who say they are trying to save the earth, who are really using that as a front for a much more insidious agenda. I absolutely believe there are those who are using this as a means to destroy free enterprise, free will, human potential, and to impose dictatorial government systems upon people everywhere in the world. I also believe that there are many, many people who completely buy-into the fears and the face-value goals proposed by these groups, who innocently support all of their agendas in perfectly good faith, and who are just blind to the real direction the movement is taking them. A totalitarian government doesn't have to force chains around people's necks if they can be enticed to put them on voluntarily.

I believe those scientists who say that global warming is 99% caused by the sun's activities and by the amount of water in the earth's atmosphere. I won't believe mankind can effectively change the global climate until we learn how to modify the sun's output, globally change the amount of water in the atmosphere, and modify the ocean and wind currents at will. Until then, we are simply at the mercy of natural forces far greater than any influence we might exert or imagine we could exert!

Now, all that being said, I do not believe in blindly polluting our air or water. I support wise and careful stewardship over those thing that we are able to affect or influence. We do have the capability to produce chemicals that are very bad; we need to be prudent with how those are used and disposed of.

Those are my thoughts on the matter!


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