Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barefoot Ups and Downs

A couple of weeks ago I was walking - not running - on a sandy beach when my foot struck something hard and sharp hiding in the sand. Turns out there was some very old metal debris buried in the sand. You'd think that this being a city park and all, and this beach being visited by lots of fishermen, families with kids, etc., that someone at some time would have thought -- "You know, that old rusty, sharp metal hiding in the sand just might not be such a good idea!" and might have decided to remove it.

Well, my foot got quite a deep gouge from it. I didn't have any bandaids with me, so I let it bleed out pretty good and then rinsed it in the water. When I got back to my car I doused it with a saline-hydrogen peroxide solution I have. The skin break was not the extent of the damage. Apparently I also got quite a deep bruise and a slight sprain to my ankle. So I was limping around for quite some time after that. The skin tear has healed nicely, the bruise has eventually gotten better, and my stiff and sore ankle has now quieted down.

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I visited friends in Astoria, Oregon. One of my goals was to go on a long, easy beach run while there. We made it to the beach, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, but my foot and ankle were still too stiff and sore, so I could only manage a short 2 mile run/walk on the beach. Oh well, I'll take what I can get!

This week I have been able to get in a couple of good runs, at last. 10 miles and 8 miles each, on pavement, cement sidewalks and beach sand. Saturday my wife and I went to the river beach and dug up fresh water clams to make into clam chowder. I really enjoy wading in the mucky parts of the river as well as the clean sandy parts. Barefooting is so much more interesting than wearing sandals or even aqua socks!



Barefoot Bob said...

Hi Ryan;

Please consider "Earthing" as a blog topic! www.livingearthed.com covers the science of why going barefoot is best. My wife and I sleep connected with the earth every night on grounded sheets. All of our joint pain is gone! Check it out

Barefoot Bob

Vancouver Barefoot said...

I have heard of that.

I have an uncle and aunt who use an 'Earthed' pad. They sit with their bare feet on it and say it has helped ease their joint pains and other benefits.

My choice is to just go barefoot on the natural soil as much as I can. I mow my lawn barefoot, I run barefoot, etc. and believe I probably gain a lot of 'Earth-connectivity' benefit from it.