Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MMS and Budwig

Some friends of ours are taking MMS for their health. One has Grave's Disease, a thyroid condition that has many symptoms, including the trademark bugging out of the eyes. She started taking MMS and noticed some changes almost immediately. By the second day, she felt things in her throat, in the thyroid area, "coming off." That's the only way she could describe it. It felt like things were coming off and being swallowed. She has noticed already that her eyes are doing better. She has many other symptoms I didn't get to talk about with her that she says are also improving.

Another friend has adult-onset diabetes. She started taking MMS with hopes it would help her. It is. She has been taking MMS for about two weeks. Her blood sugar levels have been dropping dramatically. I didn't hear the counts exactly, but she said is was about 30 or 40 points lower now.

While my wife was in the hospital, I seemed to have picked up some kind of infection or fungus while visiting her there. It was a like a case of hemmorhoids gone ferocious. I'll spare all the ugly details, but it was awful and putrid. I tried Prep-H but it did nothing at all.

As soon as our MMS arrived, I made up a solution of it and used it in an enema. Within 1/2 an hour I had a couple of sharp cramping sensations and then passed some very funky, strange things. I repeated the enema the next day and again had some sharp cramps then passed more similar funky, weird stuff. After that, all my painful, burning, swollen, bleeding, putrid symptoms completely disappeared and have been gone ever since.

These are some examples of success with MMS. There are many, many more to read about on the web. This stuff works!

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Simple, Inexpensive Health

Just as running barefoot is a simple, inexpensive healthy way to exercise, so I have discovered two other very simple, inexpensive ways to enjoy good (perfect?) health.

Last month, February, my wife had an orange size tumor removed from her colon. It was adenocarcinoma of the colon. She didn't want to do post surgical chemotherapy because of some other health concerns she had. So we went on a search to find what other natural cures there might be for her cancer. We found two things which are extremely simple, inexpensive, and effective. Each one has evidence of 90-95% success rate (compared to chemo's 50% rate). Not only do they each help eradicate cancers of all types, but they help to remove all kinds of diseases, pathogens like fungi, yeast, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The first one is called "MMS" which stands for Miracle Mineral Solution. It is a low dosage form of administering chlorine dioxide, commonly used in water purification systems. It is made at home by combining Sodium Chlorite with a food acid like lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid. The acid releases chlorine dioxide, a gas, which can then be taken with water or juice. Chlorine dioxide is a pathogen specific oxidant. It leaves healthy, good cells alone, but it explodes bad cells or molecules it comes in contact with. You can think of it as a pathogen vacuum cleaner. It has been shown to heal malaria, anthrax, cancers of all types, flu, colds, bacteria, viruses, hepatitis A B & C, AIDS, Candida, among many other things, plus it chelates heavy metals out of the system. Its cost is only $25 to $50 per year, and it leaves absolutely no trace residues in the body.

The other one is called the Budwig diet. Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German scientist who worked on the effect of healthy fats and oils on the body. She discovered that flaxseed oil has some very powerful properties that help cells respirate (transport wastes out and nutrients and oxygen in). However, being an oil, it has a hard time passing by the cell membranes. Dr. Budwig discovered that by combining it with the food-based sulphur found in cottage cheese, the oil molecules chained with the sulphur and became a water-soluble oil. This made it possible for the oil to be used by cells much more easily. Dr. Budwig has used this protocol with terminal cancer patients and reversed their disease in just a couple of months. The list of diseases, including cancer, that the Budwig protocol has healed is very long. Interestingly, Multiple Sclerosis is among them! It costs about $9 per bottle of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese is less than $3. That averages to be only $12 every month or so.

We figure that these two diet protocols, each with 90% and better healing records for cancer, will do a lot more for my wife's health than chemotherapy could. Chemotherapy destroys the body's immune system, which is why it is so hard on people, especially people who may have immune systems that are already compromised by autoimmune disease. Plus the drugs used in chemotherapy are known to be carcinogenic by themselves. Many times its the chemotherapy itself that kills people. MMS and Budwig both enhance the body's immune system, and enable it work to its peak proficiency, with no side effects except better health.

I have posted links to each of these protocols on my sidebar. There is a lot more information available on the web.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More on Barefoot vs Shoes

This is an ongoing blog posted discussion at PopSci about someone's new design for running shoes. I got a response from someone with the label meowmix4jo from Las Vegas, Nevada, who said:

"Ryan, if I understood right, you are basically saying that if they flattened All Stars more they would make better running shoes? "

I replied:

I don't know if flattening All Stars would make them better running shoes. What I am saying is that its odd for a shoe maker to claim their shoes promote a "more natural" running style, yet they include so many un-natural characteristics in their design.

What is "natural?" I think bare feet are the most natural thing we have for running. It stands to reason that shoes that try to come close to natural should be true to bare feet -- no artificial curves, curls, arches, uneven surfaces, pinching, fat bulbous spots, and they should be lightweight with flexibility. I think simple aquasox might be better shoes for running in than the hyped up expensive versions we see.

In fact, I told a 65 yr old retired dentist about my barefoot running. He had to stop running because his knees were giving him too much pain. He tried wearing aquasox, practiced the barefoot running forms I taught him, and he was able to resume running again. In just a few weeks of practice, he could run from two to three miles per run, three times a week. He was ecstatic that a simple pair of aquasox did more to help him run successfully than the thousands of dollars he had spent on chiropractors, podiatrists, orthopedic doctors, massage therapists, and on the many various shoes and orthotics he had purchased.

Some of the best runners in the world are the Tuharamara Indians of the Mexican highlands. They run races that last up to three days and nights and cover 150 miles. Their choice of footwear are simple flat sandals they make themselves, called Huaraches.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Turn Off Your Lights for the Earth

My son sent me a ridiculous email urging everyone in the world to turn off all our lights for one hour at 8:30 pm on Saturday, March 28th, to show our support for fighting global warming and to save the earth. This whole concept makes me upset. I went to the website he referred me to. Here is what I wrote to them:

What global warming? What do lights have to do with it? If we really want to stop global warming, we need to learn how to change the sun's solar flares and how to change the amount of water in our atmosphere! Those are the two largest contributors to global warming. Carbon dioxide, other gases and particulates in the atmosphere only account for about 4% of the effects on global temperature. Of those, mankind is only responsible for and can only realistically effect about 2% (that's 2% of 4%). So no matter what we try to do, or how much money we want to waste trying, we can realistically have virtually zero effect on the earth's global temperatures! Too many groups are just using (abusing) the global warming myth as a way to extort money from everyone and to impose their own political views and methods on others. Stop the madness! Refuse to play along! Refuse to be duped by these self-serving leeches!

Oh -- and WHO SAYS leaving lights ON is a VOTE FOR global warming!??

What I do with my lights is not a vote for or against anything or anyone. It makes as much sense as saying if we don't all hold our breaths for two minutes at 8:30 on Saturday evening, we are voting FOR Global Warming! or we should all hold in our bowel movements for one day. BS!!! They are not related, not connected, and I refuse to let someone else dictate my behavior based upon their erroneous misconceptions and self-righteous false causes.

Try this one: If you don't turn counterclockwise fifteen times at 12:00 midnight on April 30th then you are voting against changing the earth's magnetic field, which we all know IS MOVING! and if we continue to allow it TO MOVE, it will affect ALL OUR COMPASSES, the flight paths of migrating birds, the flow of winds around the globe, and the incidents of hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, El Nino, desert storms, and mosquito outbreaks in Sierra Leon! Oh my, oh my, oh my! What are we going to do about this? We must stop the earth's magnetic field from shifting out of place!!

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Global Warming is a Myth &
"Man-Made" Global Warming is a Dirty Rotten Scam

I have never considered there to be any truth whatsoever to the hoopla over global warming. It is a myth at best, at worst, it is an intentional scam designed to hurt humankind, limit freedoms and steal money for nothing.

Here are a bunch of news articles that support my thoughts on this. Some are old and may be outdated. I haven't checked them for some time.
On "Natural' Running Shoes

Someone on the Running Barefoot discussion group ( mentioned an article on the Popular Science website about some newly designed running shoes that were supposed to be much more natural. (See it here: I watched the video and read the report. Then I just HAD to leave my comment about what I saw. This is what I said:

I look at these shoes from the perspective of a true barefoot runner. I have been running exclusively barefoot for almost five years. So I have some questions about this 'natural' shoe.

Why does the toe-box curl upwards? Natural feet rest flat on the ground. What does the upward curl do to the natural movements of the foot? I can only believe forcing the toes of the foot up like that will constrict their natural movements, and will create an artificial stress in the arch of the foot.

Why do those shoes have such a large, built-up heel on them? Natural feet have the heel resting at the same level as the toes and the mid-foot. The video claims there is no need to heel-strike with these shoes -- so why have the big balloon on each heel? Having the heel built-up like that almost guarantees that it will get in the way, almost forcing a heel strike.

What kind of arch support do these shoes have in them? The arch of the foot is designed to flex, contract and expand with each step. If there is an "arch support" in the shoe, then it will interfere with this natural movement and weaken the foot's arch action and strength. Since I have been running barefoot, my arches have become more pronounced because I am actually using them when I run.

I am fascinated by the shock absorption claimed by the little pockets in the forefoot. How much shock can they really absorb? When I run barefoot, I have the benefit of my natural shock-absorbing arch in my foot, my Achilles tendon and calf muscles, plus I have the benefit of up to many inches of bending in my knees if necessary. From my perspective, that little bit of shock absorption contained in about 1/2 inch of space or material just doesn't compare. Proper running technique uses all of the body's natural shock absorbers, making the 1/2 inch of artificial absorption in the shoe unnecessary.

I would be much more interested in a shoe that had no heel whatsoever, and a flat, flexible sole. If they could whack off that bulbous heel, and flatten out that toe box, I might be interested in giving the modified shoe a test run. But - would I BUY it? I run naturally for free - it costs me absolutely nothing to prepare my feet for running. Those (modified) shoes had better offer me something really impressive to make me want to fork out $70-80-90 or more for them.

Vancouver, WA