Wednesday, March 25, 2009

MMS and Budwig

Some friends of ours are taking MMS for their health. One has Grave's Disease, a thyroid condition that has many symptoms, including the trademark bugging out of the eyes. She started taking MMS and noticed some changes almost immediately. By the second day, she felt things in her throat, in the thyroid area, "coming off." That's the only way she could describe it. It felt like things were coming off and being swallowed. She has noticed already that her eyes are doing better. She has many other symptoms I didn't get to talk about with her that she says are also improving.

Another friend has adult-onset diabetes. She started taking MMS with hopes it would help her. It is. She has been taking MMS for about two weeks. Her blood sugar levels have been dropping dramatically. I didn't hear the counts exactly, but she said is was about 30 or 40 points lower now.

While my wife was in the hospital, I seemed to have picked up some kind of infection or fungus while visiting her there. It was a like a case of hemmorhoids gone ferocious. I'll spare all the ugly details, but it was awful and putrid. I tried Prep-H but it did nothing at all.

As soon as our MMS arrived, I made up a solution of it and used it in an enema. Within 1/2 an hour I had a couple of sharp cramping sensations and then passed some very funky, strange things. I repeated the enema the next day and again had some sharp cramps then passed more similar funky, weird stuff. After that, all my painful, burning, swollen, bleeding, putrid symptoms completely disappeared and have been gone ever since.

These are some examples of success with MMS. There are many, many more to read about on the web. This stuff works!

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Anika DeMarco said...

Please tell us how you used the enema to get such a good result.
Was this enema your very first dose?
How much did you use?
Details please!
I also began an MMS blog..
detailed day by day of my experience with different med conditions...

Vancouver Barefoot said...

I don't remember the exact dosage I used. I believe it was at least 10 drops or more. I had also read about baking soda being good for helping cure fungal problems. So I mixed the MMS, let it sit for 3 minutes, then I mixed it into a baking soda solution of about 1/2 tsp baking soda to 8 oz of water. After mixing the MMS and the baking soda, I put them into an enema bottle and took the enema in. I repeated the same thing the next day and got dramatic results each time.