Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Simple, Inexpensive Health

Just as running barefoot is a simple, inexpensive healthy way to exercise, so I have discovered two other very simple, inexpensive ways to enjoy good (perfect?) health.

Last month, February, my wife had an orange size tumor removed from her colon. It was adenocarcinoma of the colon. She didn't want to do post surgical chemotherapy because of some other health concerns she had. So we went on a search to find what other natural cures there might be for her cancer. We found two things which are extremely simple, inexpensive, and effective. Each one has evidence of 90-95% success rate (compared to chemo's 50% rate). Not only do they each help eradicate cancers of all types, but they help to remove all kinds of diseases, pathogens like fungi, yeast, bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

The first one is called "MMS" which stands for Miracle Mineral Solution. It is a low dosage form of administering chlorine dioxide, commonly used in water purification systems. It is made at home by combining Sodium Chlorite with a food acid like lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid. The acid releases chlorine dioxide, a gas, which can then be taken with water or juice. Chlorine dioxide is a pathogen specific oxidant. It leaves healthy, good cells alone, but it explodes bad cells or molecules it comes in contact with. You can think of it as a pathogen vacuum cleaner. It has been shown to heal malaria, anthrax, cancers of all types, flu, colds, bacteria, viruses, hepatitis A B & C, AIDS, Candida, among many other things, plus it chelates heavy metals out of the system. Its cost is only $25 to $50 per year, and it leaves absolutely no trace residues in the body.

The other one is called the Budwig diet. Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German scientist who worked on the effect of healthy fats and oils on the body. She discovered that flaxseed oil has some very powerful properties that help cells respirate (transport wastes out and nutrients and oxygen in). However, being an oil, it has a hard time passing by the cell membranes. Dr. Budwig discovered that by combining it with the food-based sulphur found in cottage cheese, the oil molecules chained with the sulphur and became a water-soluble oil. This made it possible for the oil to be used by cells much more easily. Dr. Budwig has used this protocol with terminal cancer patients and reversed their disease in just a couple of months. The list of diseases, including cancer, that the Budwig protocol has healed is very long. Interestingly, Multiple Sclerosis is among them! It costs about $9 per bottle of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese is less than $3. That averages to be only $12 every month or so.

We figure that these two diet protocols, each with 90% and better healing records for cancer, will do a lot more for my wife's health than chemotherapy could. Chemotherapy destroys the body's immune system, which is why it is so hard on people, especially people who may have immune systems that are already compromised by autoimmune disease. Plus the drugs used in chemotherapy are known to be carcinogenic by themselves. Many times its the chemotherapy itself that kills people. MMS and Budwig both enhance the body's immune system, and enable it work to its peak proficiency, with no side effects except better health.

I have posted links to each of these protocols on my sidebar. There is a lot more information available on the web.

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Michael Carroll said...

Ryan, this is quite interesting especially the links you have to the right of your page. Thanks for the comments on my blog, you have given me much to research and think about.

Michael Carroll