Friday, August 07, 2009

Something I Composed Today:


Anonymous said...

You've had enough change already?

- Alex

Anonymous said...

Think Sarah Palin could have done better? Gee, if only we were drilling for oil in Alaska's wildland right now..
One day there won't be any real ground to run barefoot on if "development" keeps destroying the real world.

Vancouver Barefoot said...

Hi Anonymous -
Do I think Sarah Palin could have done better?? Hell yes! I WISH we were drilling for oil in Alaska. The propaganda that it would harm the beautiful wildlands is such a farce. Are you seriously concerned that drilling for oil on a few acres in Alaska's wastelands will deprive you of spaces to run in? When's the last time you ran barefoot across the tundra in Alaska? Development doesn't necessarily destroy the "real" world. I betcha you live in a developed area - or do you lay naked under the stars in the weeds somewhere? There is not a place I have ever run that was not developed, and I and the real world got along just fine together.

The more successfully we stop Obama's insidious plans for this country the further ahead we will be.

IMHO - Ryan

Nick said...

Deal with it. I had to deal with 8 years of Der Shrimpanse, you can deal with a coherent human being for a change. Sarah Palin??? God help us all. I'm in the oil biz - we constantly laugh at the goose steppers views on oil but don't believe me, read up on T. Boone Pickens he's the ONE 'conservative' who's got it right. Always remember: "The danger of conservatism is not that it is resistant to change. The danger of conservatism is that it is resistant to the idea of change."

Vancouver Barefoot said...

Have you always been a Socialist? or are you a new convert?

Every year that Obama is in office means two years to un-do the damage he is causing.

eNOugh already!

Nick said...

"Have you always been a Socialist? or are you a new convert?" And your score is.... ZERO! Typical. I was a Rethug like you until: 1) I got educated and 2) I tested what the Rethugs said - and it all turned out to be lies. How about yourself, have you always been a Nazi, or are you a new convert?

Vancouver Barefoot said...

Rethug? Never heard of that. Whatever it is, I am not that.

Nazi? What makes you think I might a Nazi? I believe in a Democratic-Republic form of government. Anything else is corrupt.

Nazi-Socialist --- they are just labels meaning essentially the same thing: tyranny.

If you support Obama's plans, then you support greater tyrannical government. I happen to support less tyranny from my government, so I oppose Obama's plans.

The more we can thwart him the better off we will be. Period.