Monday, December 14, 2009

The True Face of 'Global Warming'

This is from the website:

Those who want and need us to believe in a global warming crisis in order to bolster their political and economic agendas have an inconvenient truth standing in their way. The earth is NOT warming up!

Nevermind this irritating little fact, they have manipulated and revised their statistics to hide the truth from and bamboozle virtually the entire human species. (Do you think the goal at the current Copenhagen conference is to discover the truth or to promote an agenda?)

On the left is just one attempt at hiding the truth (the green line is a global temperature graph).
On the right is what the earth's global climate thermometer really looks like:

So don't lose any sleep over this "hot" issue. Chances are greater that we will we end up shivering our way through this global warming crisis!!


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