Monday, October 11, 2010

Huaraches Abandonados

I have given up on trying to make a Huarache sandal that works for me!  I just wasn't very satisfied with the results of any of them. It turns out that I so much prefer running barefoot, that the Huarache concept seems to be taking my running in the wrong direction! Perhaps its because the Vibram material I chose was too thin. No matter what I did to it, it ended up flopping or bending in an undesireable way. 

I noticed that Ted McDonald (Barefoot_Ted_McDonald) is now making a Huarache sandal with a thicker sole. Its his Luna model. Here is a review:  Jason's Review of the Luna Huarache

I am much too "Scottish" (i.e. CHEAP!) to pour money into trying something that I am trying to avoid using! So while the Luna looks like a very promising minimalist sandal, I probably won't be getting it any time soon. 

This is likely my last comment about minimalist sandals. 

Although . . . 

I am aware of some kind of "stick-on" sole that adheres to the bottom of the feet. Its advertised as a strapless sandal. I wonder . . . ? 



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