Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's It Really About? 

This was posted by fellow barefoot runner, Harrish Shetty, at the discussion group called   --  I thought it was excellent, so I am copying it here! 

It is not about "Shoes vs Barefoot"
it is not about " that for millions of years Humans have been running barefoot"
it is not about "that running barefoot teaches you good running form"
It is not about "that running barefoot improves your balance, posture, strength
and stability"
It is not about "faster race recovery with running barefoot"
it is not about "saying goodbye to injuries therefore saving time and money"
it is not about "that you can save money that you spend on running footwear"
It is not about "that there is not enough research that barefoot running is
It is not about "that there is also not enough research that running with shoes
is good"
It is not about "that your feet are your best coach"

Then what is it about???

It is about freedom

It is about being in touch with the Child within
It is about being playful
It is about being amazed and discovering magic
It is about being connected,
It is about dissolving in nature
It is about dancing, gracefully
It is about Poetry in motion
It is about having a smile and not just enduring
It is about being peaceful, joyful
It is about being limitless
It is about simplicity
It is about being vulnerable
It is about being in Love

If you can experience that then it does not matter "to shoe or not to shoe"

Shoeless Shetty

(with a few edits by Me!) 

Monday, June 06, 2011

Fame    -   (meh!)

Some seek it at almost any cost. 
Some avoid it. 
Some (like me) just stumble and fall into it. 

Some time ago I got an email from a newspaper reporter (Mary Ann Albright, Features Writer, The Columbian) asking if she could interview me for an article she was writing on barefoot running. She was happy to find a local barefoot runner and wanted to get my insights about it. We had a nice chat and she asked if I would pose for a photo shoot. The next day I met the photographer at a small local park and he took a gazillion shot of me running towards him, away from him, standing still, showing the bottoms of my feet, running fast, running slow, etc. etc. etc. 

Almost a month later a huge article appeared in our Sunday newspaper - and suddenly everyone I know is congratulating me for being famous. 

I was worried she might write about how insane I was for risking damaging my body or other negative things. I am very happy about the article she wrote. I congratulated her on a job well done. 

Here is the article -- available online to read, at least for now - not sure for how much longer!