Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's It Really About? 

This was posted by fellow barefoot runner, Harrish Shetty, at the discussion group called   --  I thought it was excellent, so I am copying it here! 

It is not about "Shoes vs Barefoot"
it is not about " that for millions of years Humans have been running barefoot"
it is not about "that running barefoot teaches you good running form"
It is not about "that running barefoot improves your balance, posture, strength
and stability"
It is not about "faster race recovery with running barefoot"
it is not about "saying goodbye to injuries therefore saving time and money"
it is not about "that you can save money that you spend on running footwear"
It is not about "that there is not enough research that barefoot running is
It is not about "that there is also not enough research that running with shoes
is good"
It is not about "that your feet are your best coach"

Then what is it about???

It is about freedom

It is about being in touch with the Child within
It is about being playful
It is about being amazed and discovering magic
It is about being connected,
It is about dissolving in nature
It is about dancing, gracefully
It is about Poetry in motion
It is about having a smile and not just enduring
It is about being peaceful, joyful
It is about being limitless
It is about simplicity
It is about being vulnerable
It is about being in Love

If you can experience that then it does not matter "to shoe or not to shoe"

Shoeless Shetty

(with a few edits by Me!) 

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Anonymous said...

Not Every Shoe Fits

I found a shoe in my path,
I stopped to put it on.
To my bewilderment I found
It was nothing but a con!

It ill enshrined my swollen foot
And made me feel bleak,
It showed the earnest virtue of
The sizing that I seek.

Not every shoe fits,
An experience I've learned,
There's pain in every tug
And sizes to be spurned.

I now try not to burden guilt
That carelessness throws down
Or trust the "every word"
Of those without a crown

Life is very hard, I know,
For those of us who care,
Trying to fit shoes on
That others will not wear.