Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hello Again!

Time seems to just slip away, devoured by the worries of each day. 

I took some time out this morning to browse some sites on barefoot running.

I spent some enjoyable reading time at this site:  http://runbarefootgirl.com/

and at this one:  http://revruns.blogspot.com/ 

I also enjoyed this short video about MovNat - The Workout the World Forgot:

I am still running a little bit - barely enough! I ran 10 miles a couple of Saturdays ago, and I usually get in at least two shorter runs during the week -- usually about 5 or 6 miles each. I'm fighting the battle of the bulge, because I slowed down during this winter and indulged in too many sodas. Time to work on getting fit again. I would like to lose about 15 pounds and increase my running to at least 30 miles per week. 

I always wanted to run the Salt Lake City Marathon, which is coming up on April 21st - just 45 days away! I wonder if its feasible for me to be ready to go from my current 15 miles per week to 26.2 miles! There are other circumstances in my life that might make it not possible to be there -- but if I can clear those out, then I will have to ramp up my running very seriously to be able to do it. From what I understand, the SLC Marathon is very flat, and I know from experience the streets are mostly very smooth.  It is very tempting to me! 

The sun is shining - I'm feeling the pull to go out and run today! 

still smiling