Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Running Pics

I finally got a couple of pics of me dressed for barefoot running! Here they are...

I went out running last weekend and did 8 miles. The course I followed started and ended really badly. The first and last 2 miles were covered with lots and lots of tiny gravel on the sidewalks, leftovers from when they sanded the streets for ice a couple of months ago. The gravel ends up getting knocked up on the sidewalk and nobody ever cleans those off! The back half of the course was very nice, an asphalt bike path that was relatively clear and smooth.

Between work, church, and temple service, I end up wearing shoes most of the time, so my feet get kind of soft in between runs. This didn't help my Saturday success much. I got a few little cuts on my right foot. Strange, its usually my left foot that gets the most damage.

I'm thinking I need to run more frequently, not necessarily longer. So, I'm going out today (Wed) for the first time since Saturday's run.

Barefoot in Vancouver

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