Friday, February 24, 2006

This Week's Running Progress

Trying to get back into things after resting my feet to let them recover from some small things, I went running four days in a row. It would have been five except last Monday was frigid here, more than I wanted to tackle. Tuesday, four miles. Wednesday, four miles. Thursday, four miles plus a little bit. Today, Friday, 6 miles. I was afraid that running every day would leave my feet raw, but it hasn't! The area I have been running has some very harsh sidewalks. In order to prevent soem foot pain and a recurring blood blister on my left Big Toe, I've really been concentrating on my form. It paid off! No problems, even through the rough stuff. And my feet did not feel stiff and crampy after my runs. So I must be doing something right.

FYI the form I'm working on maintaining is this: Keeping knees bent more. Keeping feet right beneath the body. My rule is to not put my toes in front of my thighs. Maintaining an even height - no bobbing up and down. Keeping my cadence high, 180 per minute. Plus a new thing. I decided that my left foot has been pointed too far to the inside, so I'm focusing on keeping it pointed slightly outward. Since thinking about this an ankle pain I've had for the past month has not been bothering me this week at all. Plus I have not gotten the blood blister on my left Big Toe like I did before. I have been trying to focus more on form than on speed, yet my times are not all that bad.

A very good running week! Now, to increase my distances and to run each day!

Vancouver Barefoot

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