Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Years Resolution

I decided I need to keep better records of my running, so I know how far I'm running each week/month. I estimate that I have run about 2,500 miles barefoot since I began in August, 2004. This is a only an estimate.

In 2009 I'll try to keep more accurate records.

Today I ran four miles in cool, wet weather. We just got thawed out after a 10-day deep freeze with almost 18 inches of snow. I didn't do any running during that stretch -- I may be a barefoot running fool, but I'm not foolish about it!!

So today was a nice, short run to get me back into it again. I expected to find a lot more gravel on the sidewalks left over from sanding the icy streets -- but it was no worse than usual.

Still running barefoot in Vancouver, Washington
(the other Vancouver)
(the other Washington)

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